Most Sensual Positions You Must Try with Your Escort

Most Sensual Positions You Must Try with Your Escort

19-07-2023 Nancy R. Lumpkins Escorts

Exploring different sexual positions can add excitement, variety, and enhanced pleasure to your encounters with an escort. Whether you are seeking intimacy, deeper penetration, or the thrill of trying something new, there are numerous positions to consider. Different positions can help you make your sex better than ever with Batam affordable escorts. Besides some common positions like doggy style and missionary, you can try the position below.

1.     Cowgirl

The cowgirl position controls the escort, allowing her to straddle you while facing forward. This position allows for deep penetration and provides an excellent view of the escort's body in motion. It also allows for easy access to the escort's boobs, allowing for simultaneous stimulation and intimate eye contact.

2.     Reverse Cowgirl

Like the cowgirl position, the reverse cowgirl offers a thrilling twist. In this position, the escort faces away from you, allowing for a unique visual experience. The reverse cowgirl provides deep penetration and allows the escort to control the pace and angle of movement. It also allows easy access to the escort's buttocks, making it ideal for those fond of this erogenous zone.

3.     Spooning

Spooning is a comfortable and intimate position that promotes closeness and connection. Both you and the escort lie on your sides, with you entering from behind. This position allows for deep penetration while providing comfort and intimacy. It's perfect for slow, sensual lovemaking and can be particularly enjoyable for extended sessions of cuddling and caressing.

4.     Standing

Engaging in sexual activity while standing adds a thrill and adventure to your encounters. This position allows for easy access to various angles and positions, such as lifting the escort against a wall or bending her over while standing. It offers opportunities for spontaneous encounters, such as in the shower or against a sturdy piece of furniture, and can ignite intense passion and spontaneity.

5.     The Bridge

The bridge position offers a unique twist on the classic missionary position. While in missionary, the escort lifts her hips and rests her weight on her shoulders and feet, creating a bridge-like position. It allows for deeper penetration and provides a different angle for stimulation. The escort can intensify the bridge position by placing her legs on your shoulders, allowing for even greater depth and control.

6.     The Lotus

The lotus position is more intimate and connected, requiring both partners to be seated. The escort sits on your lap, facing you, and wraps her legs around your waist. This position allows for deep penetration and intense eye contact, creating a profound intimacy and connection.

7.     The Chair

The chair position adds a playful element to your encounters. With a sturdy chair, the escort straddles you while you sit on the chair. This position allows for easy access to each other's bodies, intimate eye contact, and varied angles of penetration. It also provides opportunities for additional stimulation, such as oral pleasure or big boobs play.


Exploring different sexual positions with your escort can greatly enhance your pleasure and satisfaction. From classic positions that foster intimacy to more adventurous ones that offer new sensations, numerous options exist. Escorts are trained professionals who can tolerate penetration and be able to take participate in whatever position you like.